Attijari Dividend Fund

Attijari Dividend Fund aims to achieve better profitability than the MASI and to offer an annual dividend rate at least equal to the dividend yield of the Moroccan stock market (3.5% to 4% per year).

ISIN Code Classification Benchmark index
MA0000041477 Equity 100% MASI
NAV Calculation frequency Recommended investment period
Weekly 5 years

For who ?

For investors looking for a high and regular return over a long time period, within a controlled risk framework.

Why ?

An optimal access to the performance of the equity market, and more particularly to companies offering a high distribution rate, privileging selection and diversification.

A rigorous portfolio management process leveraging Wafa Gestion's recognized expertise.

How does it work ?

Wafa Gestion filters the universe and selects that companies that offer the best growth potential and that distribute a high dividend, based on in-depth financial analysis.

Wafa Gestion analyzes and seeks to anticipate the economic events and financial movements that could impact the portfolio.

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Market share


Million dirhams under management


Net Asset Value

Return and Risk profile

A numerical scale, graduated from 1 for the lowest risk, to 7 for the highest risk, with the understanding that the lowest risk category (level 1) does not mean "no risk".