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Wafa Gestion
Société Anonyme with a capital of 4,900,000 dirhams
Headquarters: 416 Mustapha Maani Street, Casablanca
Tel : 0522 45 38 38
Fax : 0522 26 63 79

This site is intended to present Wafa Gestion's asset management business to the public as well as the main features of its UCITS and services. This presentation can not be assimilated to a soliciting activity or to any offer of securities.

Investment in UCITS may present certain risks. Therefore we recommend you to inform yourself carefully before any investment decision. Any investment in a UCITS must be made on the basis of the latest prospectus (Information Note or Data Sheet) in effect.

The prospectus referred to by the CDVM describes the principal characteristics of the UCITS, in particular, its classification, the investment guidelines, the allocation of the results, the fees, the conditions of subscriptions. You can access the prospectus available on the site by clicking on "download".

We invite you to read the prospectus carefully.

Past performance does not prejudge future performance and is not consistent over time.

Wafa Gestion declines any responsibility for the use that may be made of the information on its site and the consequences that may result, in particular in terms of decisions that may be taken or actions that could be taken from this information.

In addition, if you wish to obtain more details on the UCITS offered by Wafa Gestion, particularly regarding management objectives, investment policy, risks and fees, contact us by email at the following address: or contact us by phone at 0522 45 38 38.

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