Attijari Gold

Attijari Gold aims to replicate the performance of Gold in Dirham, minimizing the maximum tracking error between the performance of the Mutual Fund and that of the gold.

ISIN Code Classification Benchmark index
MA0000041139 Contractual London Global Fixing Benchmark expressed in USD / ounce of gold
NAV Calculation frequency Recommended investment period
Weekly 5 years

For who ?

For investors wishing to capture the performance of the gold metal and to diversify their investments.

Why ?

Gold is a safe haven in times of economic and financial uncertainty.

An alternative to traditional asset classes, with a contractual return.

A growing sector: gold consumption in jewelry is stimulated by the increasing purchasing power in emerging economies.


How does it work ?

A management technique that enables to replicate the gold price evolution in dirham, reducing the gap between the performance of the fund and gold.

Precisely, the fund replicates the London Gold Fixing price expressed in USD per ounce of gold, as published by The London Gold Market Fixing Limited at 3:00 pm London time on Bloomberg on the GOLDLNPM: IND page.

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Market share


Million dirhams under management


Net Asset Value

Return and Risk profile

A numerical scale, graduated from 1 for the lowest risk, to 7 for the highest risk, with the understanding that the lowest risk category (level 1) does not mean "no risk".