Attijari Diversifié

Attijari Diversifé invests opportunistically in a diversified basket of stocks and bonds, aiming to take advantage from bullish stock market phases while protecting the portfolio from downside risks through the fixed income bucket.

ISIN Code Classification Benchmark index
MA0000030520 Balanced 30% MASI + 70% MBI MT
NAV Calculation frequency Recommended investment period
Weekly 4 years

For who ?

For investors looking for a diversification of their assets and willing to capture the best opportunities on the various financial markets (equity and fixed income).

Why ?

An optimal investment solution for clients looking for sustainable and attractive performance coupled to a controlled risk over a medium-term horizon.

An access to the performance potential of the various financial markets by adapting opportunistically to their evolution

A rigorous portfolio management process backed by Wafa Gestion's financial, technical and economic expertise.


How does it work ?

Wafa Gestion operates an in-depth analysis of the various financial markets and a flexible management of the different asset classes.

Wafa Gestion detects and seeks to capture the best investment opportunities that arise, with the objective of outperforming its benchmark while respecting a predefined risk framework.

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Market share


Million dirhams under management


Net Asset Value

Return and Risk profile

A numerical scale, graduated from 1 for the lowest risk, to 7 for the highest risk, with the understanding that the lowest risk category (level 1) does not mean "no risk".