Attijari Mixed Distribution

Attijari Mixed Distribution invests in both the equity and fixed income markets, with the objectif of generating income and distributing an annual dividend.

ISIN Code Classification Index
MA0000042111 Balanced 30% MASI + 70% MBI Mid-Term
NAV Calculation frequency Recommended investment period Eligible PEA
Daily Over 3 years No


For who ?

For investors willing to diversify their investments and receive a regular dividend.

For what ?

An optimal investment solution to perceive sustainable performance coupled with annual income while being exposed to a measured level of risk.

An access to the performance potential of the equity and fixed income market.

A rigorous portfolio management process backed by Wafa Gestion's financial, technical and economic expertise.

How does it work ?

Wafa Gestion operates an in-depth analysis of the various financial markets and a flexible management of the different asset classes.

Wafa Gestion seeks to capture the best investment opportunities that arise, with the objective of outperforming the benchmark and generating an income that can be distributed each year in the form of a dividend

Fund Key Figures

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Performance YTD


Millions de dirhams d’encours sous gestion


Valeur Liquidative

Return and Risk profile

A numerical scale, graduated from 1 for the lowest risk, to 7 for the highest risk, with the understanding that the lowest risk category (level 1) does not mean "no risk".

Fund Reports

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