WG Obligations

WG Obligations aims to offer capital appreciation on a yearly basis while limiting downside risk, by investing in fundamentally-strong bond issuers.

ISIN Code Classification Benchmark index
MA0000040396 Mid-Long Term Fixed Income 100% MBI MT
NAV Calculation frequency Recommended investment period
Weekly Over 1 year

For who ?

For investors seeking an optimal net return over a period of 1 year and more, coupled with a limited risk.

Why ?

An investment solution offering access to the fixed income market and bond yields.

An optimal bond diversification.

A rigorous portfolio management process leveraging Wafa Gestion's recognized financial, technical, and economic expertise.

How does it work ?

Wafa Gestion analyzes the bond market and selects issuers with an attractive growth potential and solid fundamentals based on in-depth analyses.

Wafa Gestion seeks to anticipate and make the most of economic events and credit market movements to protect the portfolio from downside risks and enhance the performance.

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Market share


Billion dirhams under management


Net Asset Value

Return and Risk profile

A numerical scale, graduated from 1, for the lowest risk, to 7 for the highest risk, being specified that the lowest risk category (level 1) does not mean "no risk".